Movie Review: The Avengers

The Hulk.


Captain America.


Black Widow.


These are not your average people in the world. Some are not even of this world. When earth is threatened however by Thor’s adopted brother Loci, they are forced to come together and fight for the survival of earth.

The cliché of all hero movies is set.

The villain is ready.

And the heros are gathered. They are the Avengers.

Things I liked
The Avenger initiative was started by one man who had a vision of a group of extraordinary people overcoming their egos, fears, and desires. Working together for the good of the world, and not themselves.
This theme of selflessness is present throughout the entire movie. It is displayed all the time by some like Captain America, and hardly at all by men like Stark (Ironman). When the two come together, there is of course, a clash of this value or lack thereof. Captain America calls Stark out in one scene, telling him if the time came where he had to give his life, he wouldn’t. That time comes in the movie though, and we are not disappointed in the result.

Another theme that is actually very biblical and I appreciated was the statement Loki made: “It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. you were made to be ruled.” Men are made to worship, and worship something throughout their life. It may be money, fame, power… but that quote is indeed true and biblical. It opens up an excellent talking point for people without Christ.

The next point actually follows the above one. Right after Loki said that, one man rose and said “I will not kneel to men like you.” In this day and age where standing up against evil is so rare, that one line was incredible to see. It acted as a force of encouragement, to show one should stand against what they know is wrong, even when it will most assuredly cost you your life.

One last main thing, when Loki is about to engage New York, he is told by a dying man he will lose. In arrogance, Loki states “Your Heros are scattered, your fortress crumbling, where is my disadvantage?” The man says, “You lack conviction.” Even as the man is dying, he knows because of the evil Loki us bringing, the damage he he done, and the state of the Avengers… Loki will lose, because ultimately, good does triumph over evil, because good’s conviction overpower’s evil’s motives. What a wonderful allegory to biblical principles.

Additionally, we see themes of self sacrifice, humility, and incredible feats of bravery.

Things I didn’t like
There was a lot of cussing here, in jest and in battle, words such as son of a ——-, d–n, b—–d, a–, and God’s name are used several times. Hulk wakes up “Buck — Naked” in a hanger. No inappropriate things are shown, but the cussing is frustrating.

Black widow’s opening scene shows her dressed in a tight and revealing black dress. throughout the movie she wears form fitting clothes. Stark kisses his assistant. they are not married. Early on the heros lie, mislead, fight with, and manipulate to each other.
 Violence I didn’t like, there was an early scene where Loki enters and we see pretty intense footage of him killing many men with his spear. We also see a man stabbed through the chest with the spear again later in the movie.
  To continue the violence, the amount of smashing, shooting, hitting, flinging, sniping, punching… etc. is amazingly a lot. However, it did not bother me, here is why. In the course of this movie, we see hero smash against one another, but they never die. We see cars blown up and citizens running away, but never any bodies or anyone get killed.
All we see is evil animated aliens getting smashed, blown to bits, cut, shot, and more by the avengers. It is intense, the aliens very evil looking, and the heros get quite beat up (we see bloody lips, cuts, etc), but overall, there is a huge lack of human death seen, or even implied death.

Closing Thoughts

“You are such a petty people…” Thor says in one scene, when all the Avengers are arguing with each other over information. Even super-humans, in all their power and glory, still suffer from that condition of man called sin.
Thor too, when he talks about his world “We on Asgard pretend we are more advanced, but we, we come here to your world, battling like bildgesnipe…. These creatures are repulsive, and trample everything in their path.” It is seen the fallen condition is everywhere in the universe. And all living creatures are affected by it.
I think that is what makes this movie so unique and memorable. We already know these people have struggles, weaknesses, and flaws. Just like us, and have to fight these things to succeed. It goes to show a special suit, a big hammer, or a body enhancing drug won’t solve your problems.

What does it take? Purpose.

Purpose in life is the unifier and the compass. It provides the direction and a reason to take it.
On the surface this is an excellent blow up flick, we see mindless aliens (not people) smashed and destroyed, special effects galore, and the Avenger team using their powers in all their glory in the final scene. If you wanted to, you could walk way in that state, just like pretty much everyone else in the theater did last night. Talking about the special effects, the coolest power, and such.

However, If we peel off that outer skin of animated blue screen effects, we see a raw and universal question that every person has asked themselves at least once in life.

What is my purpose?For the Avengers, it was to avenge. What? well, I can’t say or I would ruin the movie for ya. ;) That vengeance gave them purpose, but it was only temporary. What happens after the apocalyptic battle? They go back to what they were doing before, with a little more humility and experience under their belt. For all men, it is of course to live and serve for Christ, whether they acknowledge this of not, it is what man’s ultimate end. In the words of Loki “In the end, you will always kneel.” How true this is.What am I trying to say? This movie could be the greatest tool for witnessing in the area of flicks of the year. There are so many questions about humanity presented I could probably go pages in length. But for your sake… I won’t. ;)

So, I will leave you with this.The Avengers takes a possible cliche of a movie, and turns it into a quest not only to save the world, but a underlying philosophical journey on the quest for man’s improvement. While the cussing and the few inappropriate comments are inexcusable, and the few killings of people are disturbing, we see that is all part of their flaws and depravity. Through trials, sacrifice, and suffering the Avengers find and accomplish their their temporary purpose, some characters change for the better, and the movie ends.
The question to ask yourself though, just like the Avengers should have:
“What is your purpose, and is it a permanent one which will last for eternity?”