Why We Are All Sheltered

Why we are sheltered

As a former Homeschooler, I still get the “Sheltered Question” occasionally. Sometimes it crops up as a social aspect, other times it is my lack of knowledge regarding the latest cultural fad, and others it goes back to simply not knowing this random famous song. Society claims we, the Homeschooled Christian, are sheltered and to be honest yes. Yes we are. But here is another truth.

Everyone is sheltered from something- be it good, or bad. 

This realization fully hit me back when I worked for an Autobody/Repair shop. Some of the nastiest stories and language I ever heard came from that place. Stories of orgy, drunkenness, blasphemy, flat out immorality, and perversion of the simplest phrases. These people were sheltered though too. Obviously not in the ways of the corrupt and lost world to which society entreats us to join, but sadly, in the joys of life which I had lived my life under. Joys of strong family, peace in life, and an eternal hope.

I grew up sheltered under the Umbrella of the Christian walk. An Umbrella that provided everything I needed in life to not only be happy, but to live confidently and with conviction. What a contrast it was to see another sheltered individual under the umbrella of the world; beaten, torn, tattered, and pulled about whenever the wind blew in the slightest. It was heart breaking at times, to see the miserable lives they were living, stumbling about in the storm of sin, and even acknowledging their lives, to put it in family friendly terms, “Stunk”.

How about we stop apologizing for and being embarrassed of our sheltered lives?

What perplexes me to no end now, is why we often refrain from sharing our umbrella with those who need it. When we see that person stumbling in the storm, getting soaked by their worldly decisions, why not offer our shelter to them? Why not say “Yup! I may not know your shelter, but I do know mine. Why not give it a try?

Know I’m not saying we should be completely culturally irrelevant in the world which we live. There are two ditches- Knowing nothing, and knowing everything. Both, per usual regarding extremes, are flawed. We must seek out things in culture which we can turn to Christ, like Paul did with the Romans. But we must also rest confidently and assuredly in our own sheltered nature of Christ, and not use “cultural relevance” as an excuse or crutch. I praise the Lord I grew up in the Sheltered way that I did. If more of us pondered this intently, we’d have a lot less apologies, and a lot more outreach. Because the only shelter really worth being under, is Christ’s.


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