Legacy List

Every person leaves a legacy in life. This Legacy is what they are remembered by. If you mention George Washington, what do you think of? The first president of the US. That is his legacy. What about Babe Ruth? A timeless figure in baseball history. That is his legacy.

These legacies are all well and good in their own right, but in the scope of eternity, meaningless. Let’s mention some others… Martin Luther, Eric Liddel, David Livingstone, and Hudson Taylor. These men accomplished great intellectual, physical, and cultural feats. However, we don’t remember them solely for that. Rather, we remember them for their passion behind those actions. That being the passion for Christ. That is their legacy.

Thinking upon this has made me wonder, what legacy am I leaving? What do I want to be remembered for? After thinking long and hard, I came up with this list. A legacy list. This list operates under the assumption I do have many years ahead of me, if the Lord wills it.

At the end of my life, I want to have left a legacy of:
~ Having increased exponentially in the joy of Christ.

~ Having raised a family in the name of Christ.

~ Having influenced others in a manner which points them to Christ.

~ Having increased in spiritual wisdom.

~ Having traveled many places and given glory to God for the beauty of His creation.

~ Having an inheritance to pass down to my children to demonstrate good stewardship of what I have been given.

~ Having worked with and taught young people in manners of biblical wisdom.

~ Having remained fit, so others were not burdened by my bad health.

~ Having died well, ready to be made whole in Christ.

That’s my Legacy List. Care to share yours?


One thought on “Legacy List

  1. My legacy list (Much of it is the same as yours) :)
    – To have done everything for the glory of God and point everything to Him.
    – To have raised up a family in the training and admonition of the LORD and sacrificially loved my wife and family more than my own life.
    – To have lead my Soldiers like Christ would, and acted with courage and competency in combat in service to my country.
    – To have been a solid friend.
    – To have been a man of integrity and honor.
    – To manage my worldly possessions in such a way that places God’s Kingdom first ahead of my own leisure or happiness.
    – To bring God’s Kingdom wherever I go around the world.
    It’s a great thought experiment :)

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