My Best Posts

Here are some of my most popular posts I have made in the past few years. I left out Movie Reviews, as that this a kind of subset of my blog. I may add more to this page as time goes on.

#1 “Why I Go To Starbucks”

I never expected this topic to be read as much as this one has. In this short post I go over the basics of my view of boycotting, and role of a Christian as a consumer. Rather to the point, not beating around the bush, you’ll either agree or not. There isn’t much in between from this one.

#2 “Suppose We Have”

One of the best quotes in the Narnia series. All I did was put a picture to it.

#3 “The Romantic Relationship Rant”


I rant not only on the reliance so many people have on terms, but also on how things supposedly have to be in relationships for them to be biblical.

#4 “Christianity, Nudity, & The Game of Thrones”

While one of my most mature posts on my blog, it reveals that scripture does in fact, show that some things are not a matter of conviction, but are just flat out sin no matter the situation.


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