My Testimony

I accepted Christ when I was about six years old. It is a very vivid memory, as I was playing with some cars with mom. I started asking about Jesus, and why I could never obey like I wanted. Mom told me that man was sinful, etc, etc… and that day I committed my life to Christ in front of my mom, and later to the church.

In the years to follow, all the way up to age thirteen, I became more and more disheartened about my “testimony” It was simple, unexciting, and rather boring. I would listen to missionaries and young adults who had done absolutely everything you could imagine against God. The had lived in squalor and depravity, and God turned their life around in such a way now they were full time missionaries. I grew to the point of questioning my own salvation, because it was so simple. I thought I never had faced that turnaround point in my life. I remember going without sleep for several nights because I couldn’t recall my actions going from horrid to Christ-honoring.

This escalated and peaked for 3ish months while in Junior-High. I seriously did not know if I was a Christian, for the main fact I had no perceived change of lifestyle  Then one day, in a Wednesday evening service, I  heard  about a man who had been addicted to drugs and lived a life most unpleasant. He became a christian, and went on to lead his entire “drug group” to christ. They were now serving those struggling in his local city. It was very moving, and pricked that insecurity of my faith once again.

I was mad that night. I remember praying something like “See God, that is a witness! That shows they are a Christian! I would never be able to share a testimony like that! Why can’t I have a cool story to share with others?!? I would know for sure if I were a Christian if I had a story like that!” It was then I first heard God speaking to me through prayer, I don’t know why it happened that night. But in my ranting, a question came into my heart which asked “Why do you wish to have experienced all the darkness from which I have protected you? Is not My grace enough?

Those two questions got me and abruptly stopped my ranting. God had made clear to me then why I had a “boring” testimony. It was like opening a shade in a dark room, and seeing the warm morning sunshine fill the room. I realized then God had blessed me, not hindered me. By bringing me close to Him so early, I did not experience all the hurt, struggle, and pain many people had gone through in their sin. My testimony was powerful because God had done a work in me at an early age, so I could being serving Him immediately in little things. It rocked my world.

I also felt pretty dumb too. Talk about a humbling session.

So, if someone tells me they have a boring testimony, to them I say “Baloney”. There are no boring testimonies. Each person who professes Christ and is truly a Christian has had a marvelous work done in them. That is something in which we all should rejoice.


One thought on “My Testimony

  1. Excellent point, I enjoyed reading this. My dad is one of those guys with an incredible U-turn testimony, and at times its tempting to think my “testimony” is rather boring in comparison. But the reality is, there is nothing boring about the king of the Universe taking a person bound for destruction, and not only rescuing him, but adopting him into His family. The power of the gospel is the cross, and not the personal nuances that happened in our lives before the cross took over.

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